Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mom's gloves.

Get out the gloves!
When I was a little girl, I often used to watch my Mom get dressed for a party or her weekly date night with my Dad (sorry for the lack of personal space Mom!) and one thing I distinctly remember was my Mom's thin cotton gloves. Over time the memory has faded and I can't remember if they were black or white (I think white?) but she put them on before slipping into her panty hose, a ritual that I found both amusing and bizarre. When I questioned the need for her "getting dressed gloves", Mom would explain that her hands were sometimes rough or dry so she wore the gloves in order to put on her stockings without snagging or ripping them. I don't know if she learned this trick from my Grammy or if she thought it up herself, but as a little lady, I thought my mom half dressed but wearing little white(?) gloves was nothing more than giggle-worthy.

Fast forward 20+ years to me sitting on the edge of my bed, exasperated by my second failed attempt to slip into sheer black panty hose (which I've recently decided to bring into my wardrobe, because maybe they're cool again!?) without snagging the hell out of them. The one jagged nail I hadn't noticed, that cuticle, the ring I was too lazy to take off... snag, snag, snag. My legs looked like they'd been through a war zone and I hadn't even left the house. So mom, kuddos to you for enduring your little girl's teasing and for being a brilliant problem solver in the field of ladies leg wear. Also, can you tell me where to get a pair of thin cotton gloves!?

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