Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ski Bunny Out!!

Tonight I leave for my annual "I'm in love with my clique from junior high school" trip to Vermont, where I plan to spend three days in our glamorous rental house alternating between snowboarding (aka, butt bruising) and improving my apres ski skills (aka, will 1 handle of Tito's be enough!?). Unfortunately, between unearthing my snow pants and grinding out work so I can be off tomorrow, I didn't get my post for today (or tomorrow) done. I'm hoping you'll forgive me because I did scrounge up THIS:


And a recipe for THIS (click HERE to Pin, HERE for full site):
S'mores cookie bars. STFU!

* Plus if you want a good chuckle, click HERE...
* ... and if you have 5 minutes to spare and want to watch something that will remind you why love is the most powerful force on the planet, click HERE
* Lastly, THESE never ever get old!
Have a wonderful weekend my friends!!


  1. Have the best time, darling and that video is so incredible! Thank you for sharing it. Muah

  2. Diana isn't it just darling!? Thanks SO much as always for visiting and have a wonderful weekend! xox, m