Monday, February 17, 2014

that’s what she said…

Part II.
This post brought to you by the fabulous 

part 2! Hope you’ve (mostly) enjoyed this snow-buried long weekend. With the amount of time I’ve spent stuck indoors with a rammy 3 year old and an adventurous 1 year old, I probably already have enough to do parts 3 and 4 of this series. 

Has a story (or a tiny, rambling, crazy person) made you chuckle and think “what could possibly be going on in their head?” Here are some gems that I’m oh-so-glad I wrote down…

(on wanting to tell a story…)
- I have milk in my toes and it’s called a boot
- I know Jerry Lewis! I went to college with him yesterday

(on the weather…)
- The snow came from rain. It's magic and it made it chilly. So yeah.
- Snow is getting the whole world cold

(on the challenges when your pretend patient is an entire kitchen...)
- Counters don’t really have eyes…I’ll just check its heartbeat

(on perspective…)
- Those aren’t carrots, they’re stretchy tomatoes
- Oh, those are flying babies

(on invoking self-pity…)
- I’m going to go sit on the first step and cry

(on Disney princesses as cake ingredients, acquaintances, and family members)
- I made a cake - it has apples, Sofia, strawberries, more apples, more apples and more apples
- Eric and Ariel are super married. That means they’re best friends.
- Her name is Rapunzel Jackson Tangled H*****r (our last name)

(on spelling and pronunciation…)
- Fernomitter
- Lellow
- B-O-T-S-R…Botsr, it’s another word for cheese
- Stop being stubberd

(on beefing up our savings…)
- When I get older, could you get me a me-sized horse?

(on pure sweetness…)
- Stay here always
- I have the comfiest shoulder you’ve ever slept on, baby bro

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