Thursday, February 13, 2014

Poor Bob (and other Olympic musings)

Wonky wonk eye. POOR BOB.
As I've mentioned once or twice (or three times!?) before, we are BIG Olympics fans in my house. More so Dr. H than his missus, but even I can't resist a good pairs skate, luge run or international hockey game. Though my heart belongs to the summer games, there's plenty to love about the Winter Olympiad... Except Matt Lauer. In my house, we have absolutely NO love for Matt Lauer. I mean... what happened to your eyes Bob!? Did you wash your face with Sochi water!? Did Putin do this to you!? This is clearly the worst case of pink eye known to man and I suspect foul play. I do however love the @BobCostasEyes Twitter handle. Come back to us soon Bob!!

And even though the Winter Games kicked off last weekend, it is definitely not too late to throw an Olympics soiree (this 3-day weekend!? closing ceremony celebration next weekend!?) Here's everything you need to get into the Olympic spirit.
Invitations from the always Olympic-enthusiastic YouAreMyFave.
Just CLICK HERE and follow her link to print, they're designed and ready to go!!

Wintery decor, crafts and treats from the craft-astic OhHappyDay
CLICK HERE for the full post.

And finally, for the baking inclined Winter Olympiad enthusiast, I present this freaking confectionery masterpiece:
For reals, that thing is just awesome. Full recipe HERE.

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