Monday, March 24, 2014

Whomp whoooomp.

That little guy on the right? That's me.
So remember last week when I was all "huzzah! spring is here!! Buy some new converse, smell the flowers, soak in the sun" rejoice-y!? Well this morning when the thermometer said 21 degrees and I had to take my sad and quasi-frozen pansies and tulips off the terrace, all that joy slipped away faster than you can say "where's my puffy jacket?" And with tomorrow's forecast of  snow seeming more and more plausible, I'm about ready to cry me some wimpy, "I just want to wear my pastels" tears. Sadsies. 

Since I'm feeling lazy, unmotivated and generally annoyed at the universe for sending us this relentless and endless winter, I thought I'd share some pictures of adorable animals today. Because nothing turns my day around like procrastinating on the internet, staring at cute little critters. 

It's gonna be alright bud.
I'm pawsitive this will cheer you up!
Wake me when it's over.
Here to help make the cold more bear-able
All ears if you need to complain about the cold!

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