Monday, March 10, 2014

Snip-its and Suggestions.

Ain't that the truth!? Here we are at Monday and man oh man am I unprepared. If I could just get 1 more day of weekend, I think I'd be in much better shape, but since "Saturunday" does not exist anywhere but my fantasies, I'm snuggled up to my double shot cappuccino and hoping for a quiet day in the inbox. While we all try to keep a low profile and countdown the minutes until Friday, here are some snip-its from my wonderful weekend and at the very least a tv-related excuse for this morning's exhaustion!

True Detective
Did you watch True Detective!? The finale of the HBO crime thriller's inaugural 8-episode season aired last night and I'm going to declare it the most suspenseful 60 minutes of television I have ever watched. Starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, this series takes a unique and mini-series-esque approach, with a story line that starts and ends in 1 season, promising an entirely new cast of characters come next year. Dr. H and I binge-watched the last 3 episodes in a row last night (thank you (but not really!) daylight savings for giving us enough energy around 12:45am to make the decision to power through "just 1 more" to the end) and now I cannot recommend this incredibly cast, impeccably scripted, insanely suspenseful series highly enough. If you're late to the party, find a buddy whose arm you can grip (seriously!) fire up the HBOGo and get watching.

Manuel Racim
The remote controlled fabric wall is awesome!
Want to make the man in your life look the swankiest you've ever seen him!? A Manuel Racim custom made shirt is sure to do the trick! On the suggestion of Rebecca of The Daily Muse (love when I can turn an online recommendation into a real life success!) I gave Dr. H the gift of a custom designed shirt for Valentine's Day. Together we went to Manuel Racim's Tribeca shop and selected everything from fabric, to pocket type, collar shape to button color and upon pick up and fitting Saturday, I must say, my man could not have looked hotter. Though absolutely a splurge (prices start at $165) MR's pristine tailoring and "just your style" design options make these shirts an awesome gift for the well dressed man in your life!

exposed brick and homemade pasta!? Bring it.
Want to enjoy some of the tastiest Italian in downtown Manhattan!? On Saturday night Dr. H and I found ourselves at this chic and delicious Soho neighborhood favorite, oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over every bite from the I Cavoletti (roasted brussel sprout and cauliflower salad with melted cherry tomatoes and bottarga) to Le Pappardelle (with a veal ragu that would blow ya mind!) To compliment their homemade pastas and other delicious dishes, Aurora has a warm and inviting downtown vibe with a lively crowd (though thankfully not an "I can't hear you across the table" scene). Moderate pricing makes for an awesome night out with your honey or a small group. And for those preferring the outer boroughs, there's a second location (just as tasty!) in Williamsburg. (ps- they also make a killer brunch!)

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