Friday, March 7, 2014

Potato lovers rejoice!

There is a place... a heavenly place... where the potatoes are baked and sweet, fried and smashed, pure or smothered with toppings and sauces... The name of this potato utopia is, naturally, Pota*topia.

You see, s
everal months ago, as I was walking home from the W4 subway station, I noticed a small "coming soon" storefront on 6th Ave between Waverly and 8th St. that immediately caught my eye:

Hello friend....
As a life long potato lover (duh), clearly I was going to have to visit this fine institution. Well..! last week I was on my own for dinner, hungry and hopping off the subway when it struck me - my date with potato destiny was THIS night. So I walked in to Pota*topia and was immediately floored by the sheer number of options, combinations, potato styles and sauces...

But fear not my fellow potato loving friends! The helpful staff at Pota*topia is there to support and guide you as you select a pre-created "signature meal" combination or devise your own potato masterpiece...

And while yes, 10ish dollars is a pretty penny for fancily dressed potatoes, if you consider that I was stuffed to the brim after my baked po loaded with homemade veggie chili, fresh veggies and topped off with chipotle sauce, then it's not too bad at all! 

Basically, I cannot sing the praises of this pota-stitution highly enough. I want to go back a bajillion more times to try the smashed and the au gratin, the sweet potatoes and the fries. With so many options,the combination possibilities are endless. Also, they're open late (4am "snack"!? Yes please!!) and have some pretty hysterical/witty branding. So do not delay, get your Pota*topia on today!!!

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