Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ask and you just might receive!

Want it. Ask for it. Get it
Lately I've been on a roll asking for, and getting, things I want. For example: when my most favorite Skullcandy headphones unexpectedly stopped working, I inquired online about a replacement pair... and GOT THEM; at a concert when an usher offered to move Dr. H and I out of our terrible partial view seats to something better, I asked if my parents (seated 2 rows away) could come too... and he said YES; and when the lining in my beloved green coat had ripped so badly that I couldn't put my arm down the sleeve, I went to J. Crew and asked if their tailor might be able to repair it... she did... for FREE.

I'm not typically good at asking for things in situations that seem, on the surface, to be obviously in my favor (how many of you are also guilty of seeing the screw up on your nail and sitting silently across from the manicurist, illogically afraid to ask for a fix!?) but recently I've tried to be more assertive. I make sure to avoid sounding demanding or like I expect a reply in my favor, and in return I've been pleasantly surprised to discover that most people are unbothered by my inquiries and delivering good customer service or just helping me out is not such a "big ask" after all. So next time you are searching for an outcome, or wondering if maybe you could get something "above and beyond" done for you, here's a trick - ASK FOR IT!!! Because you rarely get what you don't ask for and if you ask (nicely!), who knows... you just might receive!

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