Friday, March 21, 2014

Our growing (blog) family!

A celebration is in order!
If you are super observant and really into this blog (cricket cricket..?!) you might have noticed a recent addition to the BlogRoll I keep on the right side of the page (and if you've never even noticed the BlogRoll before, scroll down past that pesky ad and you'll find a list of my most favorite blogs). Annnyways, today it is with tremendous excitement that I share the newest addition to my daily blog reading list, three girls three cities, written in part (one-third to be exact!) by our very own (parent)thetically speaking!

The joyful and fun tone of  3G3C (may I call it that!?) so far, makes me think it's going to be a lot like this merry space, except shared among three friends. Plus, today's post is by Ms (P). Speaking herself and includes a free springtime decor printable!! So before you abandon your computer for the sunny weekend ahead, pop on over to three girls three cities and welcome these fabulous ladies to the blogosphere! xox

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