Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring (your closet) forward!

pastel, midi, sporty... spring 2014
Even though the weather is STILL not cooperating, all my favorite spots to shop are jam packed with spring fashion and I've started picking up a few new pieces to spruce up the 'ol wardrobe. As usual, I'm focused on procuring a mix of timeless and trendy additions, considering price point, wear-to-work-ability and overall utility before I make any purchases. Far from an expert, but always the avid fashion fan, here's a little of what I'm seeing out there and how I'm feelin about it.

* Pale and Pastel
Pale but oh so pretty
I am a black, white or bright colors girl at heart, so this season's pale pink, barely there light blue and 50 shades of peach are not the most inspiring to me. Nevertheless, once I get to trying on, I love the flirty femininity that styling with these colors can invoke and adding brightly colored accessories really makes your look pop (see that necklace above!) Definitely going to be even more flattering and fun once we all get a little bit of sunshine on our skin, look for feminine shapes and fabrics (e.g., silk, flowy dresses, scalloped hemlines) to capture the romance of this season's popular palette.
Merry Meri Vedict: Do!

* Midi length skirts
The midi.
Much like the crop top before it (which FYI is definitely still hanging around for another year!) this look is one I desperately want to embrace, but can't seem to pull off. Midi skirts (often pleated) fall just at the knee or down to mid-calf (hence "midi") and tend to be slightly fuller looking. Based on my "have tried on at least 20 already" experience, this 2014 trend is best worn by ladies with long legs and little to no hips or junk in the trunk. Though I'm not ready to give up yet, this is a tricky trend to pull off.
Merry Meri Verdict: Do it, but with a discerning eye. No trend is worth sporting an unflattering outfit.

* Crazy Ear Embellishments
Holy Earring!
I loooove me some accessories and I'm all about a funky piece, but this season's wild ear cuffs and long over the ear earrings are pretty next level. First spotted on the red carpet during awards season, the trend appears to have gone main stream with options available everywhere from Bloomies to Forever 21. 
Merry Meri Verdict: Don't (unless looking like a Lord of the Rings character is your thing)

* Sporty & Menswear inspired
Get. The. Look.
The yin to that midi skirt's yang, this year's prevalence of athletic looks and tuxedo inspired suits and pants are a gift from the curvy girl gods. These looks are also extremely comfortable, with looser cuts and more classic lines... even well styled sneakers are making an appearance this season (if Vogue says it, it must be true right!?) Pick up pants with that tuxedo stripe for work and an "elegant sweatshirt" for Saturday and you'll be all set. 
Merry Meri Verdict: Definite do!

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