Tuesday, March 4, 2014

For the Kiddos

Hey kiddo!
After spending 4 days in Atlanta with my beyond delightful 3 year old niece and brand spankin new little nephew, I have developed a severe case of baby brain. Not to be confused with "want a baby" brain, my baby brain is just a constant state of kid-filled daydreams which get me super excited for the day when Dr. H and I decide to start a family (because from what I can tell, having a family is awesome:) To hold me over until that day, (and to share all the ideas and info I've been hoarding for it!) here's the latest installment of "For the Kiddos". Enjoy!

I'm absolutely in love with the adorable shirts and leggings available in the Spoon x Chogre Etsy shop! Made of organic cotton and covered in colorful, unique prints, I can't wait to have a tiny human to dress in these shirts!

Want a craft activity for your toddler that doubles as an adorable gift? How about you "send a hug"!? The perfect way to send love to far away relatives, this 3 ingredient craft (paper + scissors + markers/crayons) is sure to be a hit with your kiddo as well. (Original post HERE.)

Pretty much the coolest way to store your kids Legos. Ever. (Also, an excuse to eat Cheese Balls!)

Toddler proof your doors for the cost of 1 pool noodle. It's all about improvising people!!!

Breakfast is always better with (smiling) monsters! Turning morning oatmeal into an adorable treat using THIS simple step-by-step tutorial. You've probably already got everything you need except the edible marker (and I think every kitchen should probably have an edible marker:)

Parental Reading.
Here are a few kiddo-related books I've recently heard very good things about around the web:
* How to Have Your Second Child First: 100 Things That Are Good to Know... the First Time Around
* All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood (not how parents effect kids, how kids effect parents)
* Real Food For Mother and Baby (a book about just giving your kids all the good stuff you're eating).

And here are a few interesting articles that got me thinking:
* Comparing American parenting techniques to those in other countries (REALLY fascinating)
* Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes.
* 7 Secrets to raising happy kids? Sure, why not!!?
* 10 common mistakes parents make - a REALLY interesting look at what parents do now and how it may impact the long term health and well being of their kids. 

Plus, a few things you just might need to buy:
* Must have baby items according to Cup of Jo.
* The perfect high chair solution for apartments dwellers and others without a ton of space.
* Got a little one waking you up before the sun!? Maybe this "ok to wake" clock is the solution?!

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