Thursday, March 6, 2014

High Fashion Paper.

Meet "Mayhem". Mayhem and her mama Angie (of the Instagram feed @2sisters_angie) are paper dress designer extraordinaires, whose fashion talents have recently exploded Mom's Instagram following and landed them features on top websites like Huffington Post. Initially just a mama sharing the creative outlet she'd come up with for her fashion-focused 4-year old, the duo's "creating dresses with paper" idea took an amazing turn for the fabulous:

And don't you dare assume that the creativity stops at original designs! The two are pros at capturing the latest in Hollywood fashion as well: 

I cannot even handle the fabulousity of this little lady or her Mom's incredible eye/off the charts creativity! To keep up with Angie and Mayhem on their paper fashion journey, click HERE to follow on Instagram or check out their blog HERE. Work it girls!!!

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