Monday, August 13, 2012

On vanity.

It didn't look anything like this...
Forgive me fashion gods for I have sinned. Last week I committed my number ONE fashion "don't" - I wore gym sneakers with my work clothing - in public! Now perhaps some of you are willing to concede vanity for practicality and comfort, but merry meri is not that kind of girl. Nevertheless, on this particular occasion (10pm on a spontaneous (and much needed) 40 block walk home from fried chicken, mac cheese, ribs and beer) I felt it was the "right" decision to slip out of my slightly heeled sandals and into the running sneakers I was carrying in my gym bag. 
much more like THIS (whomp whomp)
I prayed no one would see me as I scurried down West End Avenue, cracking Dr. H up with my shame. "It's happening!! I'm abandoning fashion for function... I'm OLD!!!" I walk in everything from Converse and ballet flats to Toms and flip flops, but how many shoes am I supposed to have on my person on a daily basis!? I'm like a walking DSW,  needing flats for my commute, heels for the office and Asics for the gym. It's hard work (and a lot to carry!) Though a beautiful summer evening stroll with my hubs was well worth the faux pas, my gym sneakers shouldn't expect it to happen again any time soon.

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