Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Lemonade Stand is Closed.

They say when life gives you lemons...
I am in a post-vacation mindfuzz (that's the G-rated version of clusterf**k in case you were wondering). Though my first day back at work was nothing terrible, it was especially work-y (go figure) and my mind is a bit cluttered/overwhelmed by upcoming events (moving) and travel (8 weeks, 4 states, 2 countries). No matter how hard I tried yesterday, I could not turn my lemons into lemonade. For example:
- I woke up in a toilet paper-less apartment. Nothing like starting your day by yelling for your husband to bring you the bedside tissue box.
- It rained. A rainy day in NYC is the most opposite thing from a sunshiney day in Maine one could possibly experience
- I packed a gym bag feeling super "work off that second (third?) serving of lobster mac" motivated, only to realize I failed to include a sports bra. No comment on how that spin class worked out (a bouncing good time!?)

I pride myself on seeing the sunny side no matter how funkified my mood, but funkified I was. I resorted to old techniques (call mom; listen to upbeat music; dress in a favorite outfit; look at old pictures from a happy day) and I tried new techniques (plan a delicious dinner to look forward to; splurge on a SoulCycle class) but nothing seemed to work. I wasn't even in the mood to online shop!! My revelation after all this was that maybe it's ok to just funk-out sometimes. My determination to make myself feel happier actually turned into added stress as I failed to find a way to "snap out of it". I guess we're all entitled to the occasional very un-merry mood and when it hits we should be willing to embrace it, face it and then move on. Screw lemonade, sometimes sour lemons taste just fine.

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