Thursday, August 9, 2012

I want to go to there.

Goodbye high-rise, hello pre-war!
Dr. H and I are planning to move this fall. After a two year "experiment" north of midtown, we've decided that we are, without question, "downtown people". So when our lease ends, we plan to migrate back towards our first apartment together in the Soho/Village/Tribeca-ish area. Now anyone familiar with NYC real estate knows that you cannot look for an apartment here until you are ready to sign on the dotted line (literally. Holding onto an apartment for more than 4 weeks before your lease starts is unheard of) but given my tendency to plan and our eagerness to relocate, I've been doing a bit of fantasizing...
about things like THIS...
... and THIS.
It's a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing to do for many reasons, but mostly because my Pinterest-lusting might be a tad larger than my budget (insert Dr. H eye roll here). So in an effort to re-direct my energy from fantasy to reality, I thought I would share some of the fantastic home DIY projects and decor ideas that I've come across in my browsing...

Calorie free cake stands for your bathroom & kitchen!
NYC apartments are notoriously short on counter space in places like bathrooms and kitchens so I will definitely be using this creative (and adorable) storage solution in the future.

Use every inch of space you have!
Our Soho apartment had a shelf above the hallway doors and it was a brilliant way to display some of our knicknacks and sports paraphernalia (we both have A LOT of sports paraphernalia!) Chic-ify the idea with a lovely corner like this one.

Wallpaper lined bookshelves
What an awesome way to jazz up those Ikea/thrift shop/flea market purchases!! I've seen this done with paint or wallpaper, in china/display type cabinets and on bookshelves. I guess if I do this I'll have to commit to not overfilling my shelves with crap!?

twinkle twinkle little star...
How awesome is that curtain!? I'm thinking it might be a perfect surprise for friends when they go to sleep in our guest bedroom (fantasizing again?) Anyyyyways, this starry night is NOT just for the babies... it can be purchased here on Etsy or if you're feeling bold, a craft store hole-punch and cheap shade (like this one) could make for some DIY magic!

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