Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hump Day Distractions

No need to speak Ryan. Just let me look.
Well it was bound to happen folks. Somewhere between the uneven bars and the 100M dash, I hit my Olympic wall. On Sunday night, the rigor of sitting on my ass watching hours upon hours of other people being athletic finally took it's toll and I conceded to my exhaustion, retreating to bed earlier than I have in ages. Thankfully, I awoke Monday feeling rested and super motivated to face the week so I'm running full speed over today's hump like THIS GUY.  Join me as we sprint to the finish of this week!!

* According to THIS, I am the physical equivalent of Ms. Britt Goodwin (sign me up for the GB Handball team!?)  
* It isn't called the XXX Olympiad for nothing!  
* Football fandom taken to a level of adorable that's impossible to beat (an especially "awww moment" at the :45 mark) 
* And while we're saying "awwww"...  
* THIS seems pretty freakin brilliant (also, delicious)  
* New Yorkers are a special breed of beautiful (and I love it; be sure to read the captions) [viaCupofJo] 
* Judd Apatow seems to have nailed it again. Always a good sign when you're laughing out loud at the trailer.
* I must erect a warning. This link is a real weiner.

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