Friday, August 3, 2012

The end is near.

See you later alligator
(Note: I DO have a gator float & I WILL be laying on it this weekend)
I saw something tragic yesterday… I’m innocently walking down 6th Avenue when there it was - a window display for Gap’s new “back to school/fall line”.  Fall. As in shorter days, good bye flip flops and hello outfits that involve more than 1 article of clothing. *Grooooooan* Even though I actually find fall to be a beautiful season, I don’t like thinking about it. I am a warm, sunshiney kind of gal.  So to combat the inevitable end of summer blues, I thought I would compile a “to do list” for the rest of the GREATEST SEASON of them ALL (does this count as plans?). Whether you’re an NYC’er like me or far across the country, be inspired to soak up the sunshine! Happy Weekend!!

1. Swim in the ocean. This is just about the warmest it’s going to get all summer. Time to stop wading and dive in.
2. Visit Coney Island. No more “I really want to go to Coney this summer”
3. Be barefoot. As much as possible.
4. Learn to use my soft serve ice cream maker (or at the very least, eat more soft serve ice cream)
5. Shop the end of season sales. No better way to end the summer than sporting all the trends (for half the price!)
6. Picnic in the park.
7. Kayak (it must be the Olympics, I’m feeling inspired)
8. Eat more lobster (and corn on the cob and watermelon)
9. Make my own Sangria (because those pinterest recipes aren’t going to make themselves!)
10. Stargaze. Lay in the grass and stare at the sky while the crickets serenade you.
11. (One more for good luck) Do a running jump into a pool, lake or other large body of water (because it's FUN!)

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  1. Add: Eat bbq with Erin and Peter! Have you ever been to Lasker pool in Central Park? Because I checked it out last week and it is the bomb.