Monday, August 20, 2012

F.I.T.S. of merriment

Reflecting on Maine's beauty!
Merry Meri is on vacation this week so she's left you with something Funny, something Interesting, something Tasty and a Site she loves (F.I.T.S.!!) to hold you over until her triumphant return. Enjoy!

Funny: Masters of disguise (steal-ers of our hearts!)
Interesting: Want to buy basic clothing items (think t-shirts, weekend bags, belts) of designer quality, but at discount prices!? A new company called Everlane (click HERE  to check them out and sign up) is cutting out the middle man and bringing you the goods for cheap. Don't those t-shirts look cozy!?
Tasty: In shark week withdrawal!? THIS should do the trick (via Momappetit)
SiteILove: Cup of Jo  - If you visit this blog with any sort of frequency, you know I have the blogger crush to end all blogger crushes on Joanna Goddard's Cup of Jo. Named by Forbes as one of the 100 best websites for women, this blog i) inspired me to become a blogger; and ii) is a constant source of share-worthy items from recipes and fashion (Everlane!) to parenting and NYC activities.

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