Wednesday, August 22, 2012

F.I.T.S. of merriment

Love me a good adventure!
Merry Meri is on vacation this week so she's left you with something Funny, something Interesting, something Tasty and a Site she loves (F.I.T.S.!!) to hold you over until her triumphant return. Enjoy!

Funny: "The hospital was Butler and you were in the criminally insane unit! I remember you clearly!" and other incredibly heartfelt (and totally bizarre) Craigs List Missed Connections 
Interesting: Ever wonder where the most spoiled children in the country are living? Wonder no more (warning, bad news for us NYC'ers ahead) 
Tasty: It's like a whole bunch of my favorite ingredients making love between two slices of bread.  
SiteILove: NYC Taught Me -  You know that Sharon Beesley is awesome because her blog is primarily about parenting and living in NYC with three young kids, which isn't exactly my demo, but it's nevertheless one of my favorite daily reads. Sharon is a rock star at field trips, crafts and finding humor in everyday moments; I'm constantly bookmarking her site for "someday". In my next life, I'd like to come back as one of her kids so she can dress me super cool and take me adventuring.

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