Friday, February 10, 2012

The Power of the Green Coat.

Hello lovely.
It's jade green with turquoise, yellow and cream satin lining. It prefers collar up and all but the bottom button closed. It makes me feel unique, put together and happy... Pulling my green peacoat out of the closet for the first time each year is one of my favorite parts of winter.

I believe that there are few things more fabulous than the simple joy of finding an article of clothing which makes you feel confident and proud to step out and I know many women (and more than a handful of men) who agree. What's better than those heels that make you strut a little sexier or that suit jacket which makes you feel powerful and confident? While it may seem materialistic to equate a feeling to a piece of clothing, getting dressed can be more than a functional activity without breaking the bank! One of my favorite dresses came from the sale rack of a no-name store!! It isn't the cost or brand that matters for your "it" item, it's how wearing it makes you feel. Everyone deserves an article of clothing that makes you feel like your "best self" no matter what else life is throwing your way. This weekend, I say put on your "green coat" and work it!

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  1. Love the jade green coat :). I've seen it in action!!!