Monday, February 27, 2012

This, that and another thing.

It's not easy being green/gimpy
Lots of random thoughts floating through my brain... It's funny how a change in your day to day (like rehabbing a bum knee) can make everything feel so... different. In case you were wondering, I swapped my Sunday nap for a super-late wake up, but in honor of Friday's call to action, I did lay on the couch for several hours. / Did anyone else find the Oscars a bit... off? I felt like there just wasn't enough of what I watch them to see: rich beautiful people, wearing stunning clothing, giving each other awards. / Last week was a 4 day week, this week is a 5 day week. That always makes me nervous. / A good mani/pedi will always brighten your day. / This weekend I successfully took some internet inspiration and brought it to life. Most of the recipes and crafts were as easy as advertised and it felt cool to actually DO some of the things I stare at on my computer.

Pinterest isn't just a great place to procrastinate (though it's that too!) I brought several recipes from my "eats" and "delicious desserts" boards to life: 
Dr. H and I forgot to slice the giant "pizza roll" before we cooked it so ours didn't look this pretty,
but it still turned out MIGHTY tasty! (Note: we skipped the pepperoni). Recipe via Pinterest
This might be one of the tastiest things I've ever cooked!
LOVE a chance to use my slow cooker & substituting light cream cheese for actual cream!? Genius!
(Note: I did not provide bacon bits. I apologize). Recipe via Pinterest
My failure of the evening. These yogurt covered strawberries look so pretty on Pinterest,
but mine were lumpy and funky. Can't win em all I guess! 
I also took on a project posted by my crafty crush at OhHappyDay and it turned out great. Dr. H is skeptical about my "Snowflake Hole Punch" purchase, by I assured him that years of use will more than justify the purchase. 
My "Winter Blues & Snowy Whites" dinner party decoration
Lastly, you really should be using Fresh Direct. Cooking from recipes is a piece of CAKE when you can order everything you'll need online and have it delivered to your door the night before you need it for just $6 (that's the delivery fee). No more wandering the grocery store aisles looking for "seasoned salt" for this gal!
I have no idea how I got this to animate, but I freanking LOVE it!

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