Friday, February 3, 2012


Fact – I LOVE love. Hearts, romantic gestures, smiles which have a meaning far greater than just happiness... love is my favorite emotion because it wraps so many other wonderful feelings up into it. In honor of February (“love month” as one of my fellow bloggers (iheartthisblog, check her OUT!) calls it) I would like to dedicate today’s post to something I love. This post is dedicated to friendship; specifically, my very bestest girlfriends and the incredibly special friendship we share.
“My girls” are the definition of unwavering love. For 15 years (did you know girls could get along with one another for that long!?) across continents and colleges, through relationships and tragedies, we have managed to forge a bond that is truly unique. We are, at times, the definition of cheesy, but the love we share is exactly what love is supposed to be – unconditional, joyful and completely fulfilling. Who in your life fills you with love? Though February tends to emphasize love between romantic partners, the name "Valentine", is derived from valens (4 years of latin and 5 seconds on Wikipedia) which means “worthy, strong, powerful”. What I have with my girls is the very essence of valens. May the love you share with friends, parents, children and siblings fill you up this month and every day thereafter.

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