Thursday, February 23, 2012

Meatballs. So hot right now.

When I searched Pinterest for "meatball" this was the first image that popped up.
Obviously, I did not feel the need to look any further.
This past Saturday Dr. H and I had a date night at the Meatball Factory*. Not to be confused with Meatball Shop (are meatballs the new cupcake!?) Meatball Factory was opened this past October by former Top Chef contestant Dave Martin at 14th St and 2nd Ave.  Though most would assume we were on a quest to find the tastiest balls, (I had to) we actually selected Factory over Shop due to a rumored "epic truffle mac cheese". I am on a permanent quest for the mac cheese to end all mac cheeses (I feel a post on this subject in our future) and Dr. H knows how to keep his lady happy.

We started with a bottle of wine (nice beer/wine list, always a plus) and Dave’s World Famous Black Truffle Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Believe the hype, this shizz was AWESOME.
Stare at the deliciousness HERE
Moving on to meatballs, the MENU is a bit overwhelming. There are several types of balls and sauces and we found ourselves relying heavily on the recommendations of our waitress who patiently explained combinations, meats and flavors. In the end, I went super meaty (hehe) and Dr. H went for the sampler plate (variety is the spice of life?) 
Way better pics than my cellphone HERE
While the meatballs were certainly tasty, the main dishes took a back seat to our side dish. So much is right about roasted brussels sprouts with maple syrup & red chili sauce.
See, I ate my veggies!
And just when you're thinking "Good Lord how much can those two eat!?" we checked out the dessert menu. Meatball Factory's portions were just right - filling, but not stuffing, aka perfect for "making it" to dessert.
The Hot Tin Roof Sundae = malted hot fudge and sea salt caramel
with candied walnuts over marshmallow gelato. Seriously.
While the verdict is still out on who has the best balls in town, The Meatball Factory was a tasty, fun and reasonably priced night on the town which I'd happily re-visit. 

* Not an NYC resident? Want to do a guest post about a restaurant in your city that deserves some lovin? 
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  1. Sounds good Meri! Those brussel sprouts look awesome. We have a few date nights in our future, keep the restaurant reviews coming! :)