Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I don't feel guilty at all.

These gorgeous tiffany blues are on my healthy knee to do list.
Celebrity gossip. Scented candles. Bubble baths. Shoes. (Many many high heeled shoes.) These are just a few of my "guilty pleasures" and if I'm being honest, I don't feel guilty about them at all! How on earth could something as awesome as a HUGE movie theater cup of fountain soda make me feel anything other than happy!? 

I suppose we call certain things "guilty pleasures" because they're frivolous, unhealthy or over-priced. While there's a good degree of logic in this explanation, it also seems impossible to be satisfied by a lifetime of "essential items only". If something gives you pleasure, why should you feel guilty about it? I say, you shouldn't, even if the thing you love is silly or what some might consider a waste of your time or money. Today make yourself merry with a guilty pleasure and be sure not to feel an ounce of guilt! It'll be the perfect anecdote to our post-long weekend ho hums. Now, I'm off to read my Us Weekly.

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  1. Meri! I love this post! I'm with you on enjoying the things that make you happy. I like fancy hot beverages, nail polish, magazines... and more. Smooches! Nat