Friday, February 17, 2012

I love George Washington.

Seriously, he's my favorite President. (Yes, I have a favorite President.)
FRIDAAAAYY! Woop wooop! Hopefully most of you are anxiously awaiting a three day weekend like I am, or maybe you're one of those lucky few that's about to get an entire week off (damn you educators!) However long you'll be celebrating the great Presidents Lincoln and Washington (LOVE me an American President) I hope you've got something awesome on tap. In honor of the holiday (and because I am truly a dork at heart) here's some Presidential greatness to take you into the weekend:
Someone PLEASE make me this
(I'll take that rad print chair and red accent pillow as well please).
Did you know that George Washington's favorite foods were pineapples and Brazil Nuts? 
(I have not verified any of the information on this website, but I do believe everything I read on the internet.)
Reason number bajillion why is the coolest place to shop
Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was the first President to have a beard?
(*I told you, everything I read on the internet.)
Does anyone want to come over and do arts & crafts with me? (I'm only half kidding)


  1. Did you know that Abraham Lincoln grew his beard because a young girl wrote him a letter saying that she thought he'd look better with some whiskers?!

  2. So awesome!! I never knew, but obviously this is now my favorite Lincoln fact!!!