Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hump Day Distractions

Invented by a genius. Obviously.
Here we are, at the hump. This week the hump feels huge for me... knee surgery recovery is full steam ahead (and going well!) and it's tiring. Despite all those days on the couch, I'm ready for a weekend. Hump it out with me...

* Ladies... did you forget your man on Valentine's Day? Maybe THIS will make up for it?
* The Grammy's happened. (Wow girl.) The Oscar's are coming... If you are a fancy pants mcgee, you should throw an Oscar party like THIS one (via Snippet & Ink). I can also recommend from experience pizza, good wine and a dry erase board with you and your friends' nominee guesses. Get the full list of nominee's HERE
* This is some pretty hysterical home decor (also likely to horrify your grandparents) (via Cup of Jo and The Daily Muse)
* I need more colorful bookshelves in my life.
* I want a dog and I want it to be able to do THIS.

Update! I tested out the "sock bun" from last hump day and learned a few things: (1) Do not expect this to go well the first time; it's likely going to take more than one test-run; (2) Use a spray bottle for the water like the video says. For some reason I thought splashing from the sink would be a good substitute. It wasn't; (3) Don't use a dress sock. I think it wasn't "plush" enough. I saw signs of a great hair trick in my efforts girls, but we're not there just yet. I will report back next week on attempt number 2.

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