Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thank Goodness.

Thank goodness for my mom. Thank goodness I have someone to call when I need to know how to cook shrimp ("Meri, read the package, if they're pink that means you bought PRE-COOKED shrimp") or how long is too long for my turkey sandwich to be un-refrigerated ("It was on the counter ALL NIGHT!? Throw it out Meri!") Thank goodness for my mother's honesty ("you're not going to wear that are you?") and her amazing sense of humor (7:49am text message: "today is National Popcorn Day!") Thank goodness for lessons in bargain hunting and wine drinking, jeans washing and thoughtful gift-giving. Thank goodness for unwavering emotional support (my cell phone pretty much auto-dials “mom” when it senses I'm on the verge of tears) and years of cheerleading (I didn’t know Hallmark made so many “you can do it!” cards). Thank goodness for a shining example of love, caring, compassion and courage.

Thank goodness for my mom (and the happiest of birthdays to YOU).

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