Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hump Day Distractions

Today is Wednesday. Today is Hump Day. Lordy get me over that hump!!

* HOLY inspiration, every one of these smart, beautiful, powerful mamas.
* You should really read what this sleep doctor has to say.
* For my fellow Game of Thrones geeks. Amazeballs.
* Where to buy cheap art.
* And while I'm getting my inner geek on, want to see how much thought went into the NYC subway signage?!
* Just purchased. Will let you know if I'm able to get my pinup on this summer.
* An absolutely adorable denim apron (because who says the chef can't look chic!?) (via exPress-o)
* Holy crap that's cool.
* Don't worry, THIS sweet pair is still lovingly snoozin the days away together.

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