Thursday, May 8, 2014

For Mom

The moment you're "mom". Beautiful.
Mother's Day is coming up this weekend and even though everyday is Mother's Day in my humble opinion (I mean seriously!!) here is a roundup of inspiration from around the web to make sure your Mama knows just how very much she is loved. (Love you Mom!!)

OhHappyDay is pretty much my favorite resource for holiday related crafts and gifts-piration and Jordan does not disappoint on Mother's Day. Click HERE for links to her gift ideas (the first set of images above), click HERE for the (FREE!) printable template for her seriously sweet banner and party kit and click HERE for 7 crafty cute DIY ideas.

Is there a new mom in your life!? Want to send her something extra sweet and useful!? This "New Mom in a Box" kit from YouAreMyFave is super simple to pull together, but will no doubt be viewed as a special and thoughtful gesture. (Plus, it's important to make sure Mom feels the love while everyone is coo'ing over the baby!)

For those more mature ladies with mature Mama's I think "versatile spring clutch" is a safe and sassy gift go-to. Belle over at CapHillStyle just did THIS post on spring/summer clutches and I love everything she suggests.

I think there is something totally charming about these Atelier Stella planters and vases (website to buy HERE, originally spotted on Honestly WTF HERE). The sort of gift that will make Mom smile and think of  you every time she sees it, place your order today and give Mom a picture of the purchase along with a plant "to be planted" on Sunday to hold her over until the pottery arrives!!

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