Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Celebrity gossip, my vice.

... you guys. I can't stop wondering about what exactly went down between Jay-Z and Solange Knowles in that Standard Hotel elevator. Like honestly, what went down in that elevator?! Is the video even legit?! I've spent all my spare "post something on the blog" time this morning scouring the internet for news and conspiracies, like a dirty paparazzi, digging into a story that should be none of my business

But despite being fully aware that this is some "scum of the earth" level celebrity gossip nosiness, I can't control myself. I love all things Carter-Knowles and this scuffle is so outside the perfectly manicured image they project of themselves, I'm desperate to know what happened. Was Solange, whose music I happen to love, justified in her outburst? Whose side is Beyonce on!? This post is like a shameful confession: I, Merry Meri, am a celebrity gossip addict. Now someone please tell me what happened in that elevator!

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  1. Balazs and I watched the video this morning with our mouth open...I have no idea what happened in that elevator but wow! I love celebrity gossip as well:) xoxo