Friday, May 9, 2014

An ode to (old man) Dr. H

Make a wish!
There once was a boy named H, from Albany he did hail,
filled with personality, a bit of mischief and smarts, plus on a euphonium he did wail.
And when the boy became of college age, off to George Washington he did go,
and thanks to a summer camp boyfriend connection, a girl named Meri he came to know.
Mer and H became fast friends and sparks began to fly,
but alas their love was not mature, he chose another girl (we still don't know why).
But from 18 to 19 and 19 to 20,
their friendship continued, their adventures were plenty.
A cruise in the Caribbean, Redskins football, Jerusalem and late nights in the dorm,
21, then 22, slowly their hearts began to warm.
Love was declared at the end of GDub and a relationship was made official,
then she headed to New York City and him from DC to LA and Mer nearly blew the whistle.
But true love prevailed and by 25 they were living together,
at 26 he got down on one knee and they decided to make it forever.
11 birthdays since the first they celebrated as friends,
tomorrow Dr H turns 30, today "we're in our 20s" officially ends.
But no matter the decade my "older man" is perfect in every way...
so here's to you my husband, I love you and Happy Birthday!


  1. awwww, sweet story. Happy birthday to your fella :D

  2. Thanks @HelloSweetcheeks, he's certainly a keeper :)