Tuesday, May 6, 2014

For the Kiddos

Melt my freakin heart...
With friends makin babies at a somewhat more regular pace lately (here they come!) I've been exposed to more and more kiddo paraphernalia, inspiration and apparel of the absolutely adorable variety. So here for all you Mommy, Sister, Auntie or beloved Friend types is the next installment of "For the Kiddos"!

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, a beloved (and adorably illustrated) kids book for this tiny generation is part of a series!! I never knew, but I think I will be gifting several Pigeon books in the future, including his newest bath time adventure.

Oh man... so efficient, looks adorable and no more cutting up sandwiches into tiny pieces!! Click HERE to purchase the Fun Bites Squares from Amazon and be sure to browse all the other adorable shapes they sell! (Pin it here)

So apparently "balance bikes" are all the rage these days. I see them all over NYC and one of my favorite chic mamma bloggers over at Lady and Prince is always raving about her kids' Strider Bikes. The goal is apparently to work on balance first (even as young as 2!) then get to the pedaling later. HERE is a great roundup of all the best (at least in Babble's opinion!) balance bikes on the market.

I could see this "go fishing" DIY being perfect for distracting your little one on a long line, an airplane or just on any boring afternoon. Small enough to tuck in your purse and very do-able from a craft standpoint, click HERE for the full instructions from Doodle Craft.

Is there anything more adorable than a plush rocker?! I think not (says the auntie who purchased a pastel cow and airplane for her niece and nephew respectively!) I love these adorable rockers as new baby gifts because they're unique and will last a while (first as decor in the room, then as a ride on toy for 2-3 years). Plus, Wayfair.com has an amazing selection at very reasonable prices HERE.

* A little something for the Mama's:
- I typically read Copy Cat Chic for the amazing save-on-decor advice, but when Reichel, Mom of 2 shared this post about her favorite maternity/breast feeding friendly clothes, I took note.  boob (yup that's really the name) looks chic and flattering and the price point is somewhere perfectly between very reasonable (Old Navy Maternity) and absurd (Hatch Collection)
* And even some great reads for Dad:
- On making the most of your paternity leave
- Advice for new Dad's from my favorite Dad blogger (yes I have a favorite Dad blogger:)

* Some good reading:
- An interesting theory on why babies cry at night
- Why isn't the baby industry working harder to revolutionize the breast pump!?
- A very interesting (but LONG) article about "The Overprotected Kid"
- Just in time for summer road trips, a book of kid friendly adventures in the Hudson Valley.

Lastly, THIS little girl's reaction to finding out her mother is pregnant literally brought tears to my eyes.

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