Friday, May 30, 2014

while you were busy making other plans...

The other day I was sharing the story of how Dr. H and I met in college and slowly, over all 4 years, became best friends before we started dating. For some reason, telling the story got me thinking about how I was never "supposed" to go to GW and that even through my first few months there, the plan was to transfer to Georgetown. I never did (#HailtotheBuffandBlue) and perhaps that's the very moment in my life that made  marrying Dr. H my destiny. 

Being the planner that I am, it always strikes me when I realize that plans, while comforting, productive and often necessary, don't always determine where we're going to end up. No matter how specific we set out to be, how determined we are to chart a course, sometimes life unfolds in a way that we never could have expected. So maybe this weekend look back and find those moments of happenstance that brought forth your greatest victories (the friend who became your husband; the random introduction that led to your dream job; the "wrong turn" that led you the "right way") and just be like "thanks universe, that was pretty freakin awesome". 

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