Friday, May 2, 2014

On my mind (and in my ears)...

YAY indeed!
It's Fri-yay!! This morning, after Wednesday weather that was reminiscent of a mid-winter monsoon and a Thursday that couldn't seem to make up it's mind, I basked in the glory of a perfect spring stroll to the subway and the fact that a glorious weekend is mere hours away. Here to take you into the weekend is a bit of what's been on my mind (and in my ears!) lately. Have a good one!

Purple reign!?
Been thinking about my hair again and maybe, just maybe, going back to the wild side. Since as I've shared before (here, here) it takes months for me to commit and dye-ve in (hehe), what are your thoughts on the purple/lavender trend? Not for my whole head of course, but maybe a few underside streaks for summer!?

Nutrition Fact.

I'm thinking there will need to be gold polka dots in my next apartment. Yes definitely... gold polka dots... (Check out the dots and other amazing wall decals and removable wallpaper patterns from WallsNeedLove)

It sometimes is all Black & White.
What's that you say Dr. H? You want to throw me a "Black and White Ball" a la Truman Capote for my 30th Birthday!? (Someone tell him, he doesn't read the blog!!)

If you love lady rap, then you must check out the debut album from Iggy AzaleaThe New Classic. Funky fresh hip hop and ridiculous beats (without the rage of Minaj or Lil Kim), Iggy will no doubt be in my ears all weekend.

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  1. Hope you had a lovely weekend, sweetie and yes to gold polka dots:) How amazing are they? Kisses