Monday, May 5, 2014

A case of the uneasies.

Buckled... I guess...
Do you ever suffer from the "uneasies"? The uneasies, defined (by me):

Uneasies (
pronunciationˌunˈēz/ēzēs) - a strange internal feeling of unrest and unsettledness often leading to bouts of low-level anxiety and a general sense of overwhelmedness. "She woke up with a case of the uneasies and even an organized to do list couldn't calm her."

Today I did in fact wake up with a case of the uneasies. The front hall closet now officially unmanageably overstuffed, numerous social obligations to schedule and re-schedule, the juggling of work projects, finding the necessary confidence to make some big decisions, putting away that folded laundry (day 4!), getting those Mother's Day cards all mailed out... it's all just... a lot. And thankfully it's mostly good things so this isn't a funk, but it is the uneasies. The "queasy, is this day over yet, what is it I'm even worked up about again?" uneasies. Ick. Thankfully there's this:

and this:

and this:
What would we do without adorable tushies, beavers dressed like bumble bees and baby chimpanzees!?! (We'd be an uneasy mess that's what!! :)

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