Friday, May 23, 2014

Peace out homies.

3 DAYS!!! 3 WHOLE DAYS!!!!
Friii-day... FRiiii-Day.... FRRRII-DAY.... FRIDAY... FRIDAY! WOOOOO!!! I feel like a deserve a freakin medal for surviving this endless week, but I will happily accept a long weekend instead!! Here for your viewing pleasure as we collectively count the minutes until quitin' time are some goodies of the Memorial Day and generally cool variety. 

This post from Domaine Home is a soup to nuts (or shall I say dip to pie!? hehe) summary of how to host the perfect Memorial Day weekend get together. Now who's inviting me over!?

And because who doesn't love a thematic cocktail (in a mason jar of course:) click HERE to learn how to make that America-tastic Patriotic Punch (or Pin it for July 4th HERE).




Have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. Love the thematic cocktail link and I hope you had an amazing weekend, darling. xo