Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hump Day Distractions

Awww hehe.
This morning, halfway down the stairs to exit my apartment building for my scheduled weekly workout, a little voice in my head said "Meri, you forgot to pack a bra..." And I said "really little voice? How do you know that?" But with no time to waste, just to be sure, I ran back up and straight to my dresser. Sure enough, my black bra was in there, not in my gym bag. I thought to myself "Thanks little voice! Today is going to be a good day". Here to ensure that good day are some delightful distractions from around the web.

* Some super tasty looking 2 ingredient sandwiches. Yum. (via CupofJo)
* Tina on women's body image. God I love her! 
* It always strikes me as funny that actors campaign for awards, but they do. And these Emmy campaign posters from the cast of Mad Men are pretty freakin good.
* Do you work from home? Dr. H used to and based on his experience, all these tips sound like a great idea.
* Good for you Natalie! All beautiful bodies are created equal!!
* "I think if we met I would find you insufferable" and other missed connections of the hysterical variety
* If you love Billy Crystal or Mindy Kaling, or both, read this (super cool behind the scenes When Harry Met Sally info enclosed!!) 
* Have you heard of oil pulling? I am kinda skeptical, gonna have to consult Sis (20 minutes!?)
* Behind the scenes of the Photoshop treatment for all those food pics that make us salivate!
* I think I've shared pics of this duo before... but who cares? Here's more!! (thanks Sis!)

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  1. Hope you are having a great day, indeed, sweetie! Oil pulling sounds really interesting but I am still not sure about it. Off to check out all your links, sweetie. xoxo