Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hump Day(ish) Distractions

Life before Instagram...
Since this is only a 4 day week (and yesterday we gots a little sentimental, girl power-ish up in here) I think it's definitely appropriate to be humping the day today. So here for your clicking pleasure is a heaping pile of goodies which will hopefully get us all to tomorrow, which is Friday(!!) I see you buddy... and I'm comin for ya!

* 17 beautiful Maya Angelou quotes which will remind you of her profound greatness.
* Sis and Mom, I think a field trip to this place for custom lipstick is in order.
* You all know I'm a cleanse-er... thinking of trying this one, recommended by Team LC. Thoughts?
* The Onion nails it again.
* Just in case you're planning a trip to London.
* Governor's Island is an awesome summer-in-the-city spot. Here's their 2014 calendar.
* Very cool, INEXPENSIVE art made from your own pictures!
* Think I need to purchase one of these (also maybe an excellent Father's Day Gift?)
* Funky/chic nail art that you can absolutely execute at home.
* And finally, since it's been a while since we had anything aca-awesome around here, THIS.

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  1. Swoon, those gold striped nails look so sassy:) happy almost weekend, sweetie.