Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pack MY lunch!

The creative parents of the world have won my heart once again. Like Dinovember before it, today's post is dedicated to David LaFerrier, the awesome Dad who in 2008 began packaging his sons' lunches in the most adorably creative way.

Now David has somewhat of an unfair advantage over other parents/lunch packers in that his graphic design background clearly translates to some serious creative and artistic talent, but it's his dedication to seeing magic in the ordinary that really blows me away....

David says “The sandwich bags are something that my boys and I share together, but the comments people leave about a parent doing something similar really touches me, because there are other parents that love their kids just as much. And they love them enough to leave a little note, a little whatever it may be… that’s just something that brightens their day when they get to their lunch.” How amazing is this guy!?

David's work has been featured on Sharpie's website and he receives messages from other parents who are inspired by his work on a regular basis. Click HERE for more about his awesome bag-drawing endeavors or HERE to visit his Flickr.

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