Thursday, January 16, 2014

On Becoming 30

Even SHE knows, 30 is fabulous
This post brought to you by the fabulous 

Tomorrow's the day. And you know what, I'm forcing myself to have feelings about it. Because, really, I don't. (I mean, I'm still excited, because cake. ice cream. presents. birthday.) But I decided I needed to get some feelings about it and that I should probably talk about them, because this could be one of those situations where you're eating cake and then all of a sudden you're crying and eating cake, and crying more and then eating more cake.

So here's what I think I think (thanks Peter King) I'm not turning 30 - I'm not going to be one person on Thursday and another person on Friday. Same girl, new decade! I'm becoming 30. It's just what's next (and frankly, I'll still do some things that keep me feeling like the 90's were 10 years doing the dance to Bye Bye Bye whenever and wherever I hear it). It's organic and natural - nothing is altered about who you are. We spent our 20's figuring out "who we are", now we get to BE!

This is a milestone year for many of us, how are you feeling about it? Those who have paved the way - how did you deal? Anyone else passive on the whole thing, like me? Oh, and I'm slightly appalled at the number of 'pins' for 30th birthday cakes that are a tombstone marking the death of youth. Ugh, please, youth is in the mind of the beholder!

I do love birthdays though (not just mine!), and am totally looking forward to the celebrations that such a milestone warrants (my little girl is just old enough to understand and participate, so we're going to bake together and I'm hopeful for a little beaming-with-pride-I-brought-mommy-breakfast-in-bed deal). How do you celebrate birthdays?

ps. Public Service Announcement! I can't be the only slacker who coveted the now-sold-out Zara soft checked scarf. Well, in my desperation, I went to eBay to find it. It's going for around $100. This is unacceptable, as it was $30 for full retail. My desperation goes further...because I found a knock-off and I bought it. It took a week and a half to get here from China, but hellllo gorgeous - got it today. If you are a coveting, desperate, slacker like me, here is the eBay listing. (be sure to select the "camel" color scarf.)

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