Friday, January 31, 2014

Feeling SUPER!

These will never ever stop blowing my mind.
Hooray for Friday!!! This morning, while working on besting my "hit the snooze" personal record, I remembered that Sunday is the Super Bowl and I was like "yay! finger foods!" and then I promptly fell back asleep. Thankfully(?) I am fully awake now, and I am ready to share some goodness of the Super Bowl variety. First, please tell me you've seen this non-Super Bowl, Super Bowl commercial:

Anna Kendrick you are the shizz (and well done Newcastle)

Next, let's talk about food. Food, Glorious Food! 
(hey just because I love football doesn't mean I can't also make musical theater references!)

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Meatballs - YES PLEASE!
Pin it HERE, Full recipe HERE.

One Pot (you know I love these) Cheeseburger Casserole.
Pin it HERE, Full recipe HERE.

* If "ultra-classy, sporty chic" is your Super Bowl style, than click HERE for perfect party tips*
* Here's some insider info about the commercials you'll be seeing * 

Want to watch something adorable, get teary-eyed and remember what sports is really all about!? 
(Hint: Entertainment and joy for fans of all ages.)

These football-inspired "treat cones" are super easy to make and adorable to snack from!
Pin it HERE, Full instructions HERE.

It doesn't get any easier to be sporty than this!! Take your guac, place it in a rectangular serving dish and use sour cream in a zip lock bag (with the corner snipped off) to draw your football field!) 
Click HERE for other football shaped inspiration.

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