Friday, January 17, 2014

Slow Down. Relax & Enjoy.

Breathe it in. Enjoy your day.
This morning I got down to the subway platform just as both the Local and Express trains were entering the station. The Express train, my usual preference, skips 14th and 23rd streets and gets me to work in just 3 stops while the Local hits those in-the-middle stations, taking a few extra minutes (or more if there's "train traffic ahead"). I immediately went on auto-pilot for the speediest train, but noticed out of the corner of my eye that the Local was nearly empty and offered plenty of seats as compared to the Express which was the picture of "how do NYC'ers do that each day?" sardines in a can awful. I paused and thought of the good book in my purse (Beautiful Ruins, I'm 40 pages from done and it's great!) and with a smug "I'm doing this for ME" sort of smile, strolled on to the Local, took out my book and snuggled into a seat for 9 glorious minutes of self-indulgence. Here's wishing you a long weekend filled with tiny treats, relaxation and time to slow down and enjoy!!

Also, in case you're wondering what to whip up for the 2 awesome football games on tap for Sunday (old guard and new guard, Manning vs. Brady, young QB showdown!!) here is the triumphant (and very overdue) return of the Feed Your Football Face Recipe of the Week (x3 because I think I owe ya!!)

Jimmy Fallon's Crock Pot Chili
Jimmy Fallon does a lot of awesome things. I'm going to assume making chili is one of them. 
Pin it HERE, full recipe HERE.

Crispy Ravioli
This is gonna be so easy and SO good. Turn store-bought ravioli into a bite sized treat!
Pin it HERE, full recipe HERE.

Brownie Batter Dip! YUUUUUUM.
I am a big fan of dessert dips and this one is likely to be no exception. Basic ingredients and easy prep too!
Pin it HERE, full recipe HERE.

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And finally, sending mountains of well wishes to SeektobeMerry's Birthday Girl, Ms. (parent)thetically speaking. May this be the dawn of your brightest decade yet!! xox

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