Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hump Day Distractions

The rewrite.
I had to read that pic twice, but once I got it, I could not stop laughing. "Everything". Hehe. Annnnyways, how we doing friends? Are you managing to stay warm!? As if the first full work week post holidays wasn't torture enough, Mother Nature threw in a little polar vortex to keep things interesting. Lordy it is COLD!! Here to help you endure (the week and the temperatures) are some goodies from around the web. Enjoy!

* The cold has never looked so beautiful.
* Fellow cheese lovers, brace yourselves... Cheesepocalypse is near.
* 8 little tricks to help you beat the blues (via exPress-o)
* This week is apparently actually designated as one of the most depressing of the year (yikes!) so HERE are some silly somethings to lift your spirits. (that hedgehog! I die!)
* Dinner tomorrow. It's gonna be Quinoa-tastic!
* Because dragging yo ass outta bed to exercise before work is even more awful in the winter, here are some tips for making sure it actually happens.
* P&G is back to make sure you cry during the Olympics again.
* Poor ducky!!! (thanks sis!)
* Spotted on Pinterest (in case Dr. H asks you what I want for Valentine's Day :)
* THESE parents are insane (in the best possible way!)
* Do you watch SYTYCD? If so, you must watch THIS.
* I work in an office and this list is 100% accurate.

PS- according to my Mom (who is an expert in such things), today is National Bubble Bath Day! I suggest we all celebrate!! 

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