Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hump Day Distractions

A winter weather hello and happy hump day to you my friends! NYC is a snowy wonderland again and though it makes getting around a bit tougher and slower, I have to say... I love it. If it's going to be cold, might as well have snow (says the girl with no driveway to shovel or car to skid around!) I'm trying my best to enjoy the sparkling white before it all turns muddy grey. For those of you relaxing at home as well as the tortured ones who had to schlep to work, here are some distractions to get you over the hump!

* What a brilliant idea for all those broken Forever 21 purchases that I can't seem to throw away!
* Ever wonder what the best (aka, most popular) movie to be filmed in your state is?
* I've always loved American Eagle undies (and jeans, and accessories!) but THIS gives me another reason to be a fan.
* This baby has excellent musical taste (worth waiting through the pre-roll!)
* Some tips for staying fit when you work 10+ hours days.
* I am a HUGE sucker for J Crew's color palate (jane green! bright blue! popping pink!) so  I found THIS video about their color creation process super fascinating.
* If you love Disney World even half as much as I do, you've gotta check out these secret factoids!
* Oh men.

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