Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year, New 'do.

Smooches and sexy waves. Bam!
Hey there my fellow 2014'ers! I hope that you all had a wonderful time ringing in the new year and relaxing yesterday!! I personally learned that there's no hangover that a healthy dose of dim sum can't fix, and that the ABC hit Scandal really does get even better in season 3 (no spoilers please! Dr. H and I have binge-watched the entire first 2 seasons in roughly 10 days and have the ambitious goal of being up to date when it returns later this month! Olivia.Pope.O.M.G.) Anywaysssssss, this morning I had a crazy spring in my step when I left the house, not because of the impending snowstorm (which I've fully convinced myself is going to cause work to be cancelled tomorrow), but because of THIS:

Ever since I chopped my hair to shoulder length in the fall, I've tried every possible way to get the "loose beachy curls" look without paying for a blowout. Sleeping in a bun, twisting the hair and curling irons have all led to frustration and disaster, but yesterday a lady love (chatting over our dim sum dumpling extravaganza) shared that her gorgeous loose curls were courtesy of  $25 extremely well spent on Conair's Curling Wand!!

The super simple to use tool seems specially designed for the curling iron impaired such as myself. This morning in about 10 minutes I took my frizzy, air dried hair and turned it into a beachy, well styled head of loose waves/curls by simply wrapping small sections around the wand in the away-from-your-face direction. For a first attempt at using the tool (and rushed as I always am in the morning) I could not believe how well my hair came out. Fo sho the best self-styling I've done since my most recent haircut/color in December. So if you're looking for a fun and cheap (no need to go with a pricier brand!) way to sass up your daily 'do, I cannot recommend the Conair Curling Wand highly enough. Happy styliing ladies :) (To purchase, click HERE, HERE or HERE!!)

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  1. Meri! I know Aaron has mentioned it, but I'm SO excited for you to be into Scandal! I keep telling Aaron, who watches tons of TV, that he really missed the boat on this one and that he has to join in, but he won't. He occasionally indulges my talking to him about what happened as if he has a clue, but it's not the same. "Consider it Handled!"

    Also, you need to post a picture of what YOU look like after using this curling wand. I want real-life proof, but I must say it sounds very intriguing. It never looks beachy or organic when I use a curling iron, but instead like I'm going to prom and busting out some curled tendrils here and there instead. My hair is about to get the chop, and since I'm too lazy to blow-dry, I'd love a way to look a bit more like I didn't just roll out of bed rather than always ending up in a ponytail!