Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Annus Mirabilis

Tis the time of year for New Year's resolutions and perhaps you may have noticed that unlike last January, this year I've been a bit silent on the issue... You see, the reason I haven't mentioned any resolutions yet is because I was not the most successful resolver in 2013... I am still trying to raise the last $2,000 for my build-a-school in Africa project, I only maintained a weight under my "problem number" for a few weeks, my career growth fell short of personal expectations and that Rosetta Stone Spanish box remains sealed. Yikes! And while I should be focused on my primary 2013 resolution to "Be Happy(er)", (a unique challenge which I think I accomplished with great success!), I can't seem to let the fact that I didn't achieve my tangible goals go. How do you look forward when you didn't accomplish what you'd intended in the past?

In thinking about the year ahead and wanting to embrace my successful "Happy(er)" state of mind, I can't decide whether I'll feel best by adopting the same resolutions in 2014 (if at first you don't succeed...) or by moving on to new goals (upwards and onwards!!) The idea of abandoning a goal simply because I didn't achieve it feels super lame, but facing a new year with the same expectations as the year prior seems even lamer. I mean, I am not stuck!!! 

In the end, I think the reality is that my 2013 resolutions, like many goals, are targets I need to keep in front of me, even when they seem difficult, unrealistic or even impossible. In 2014 I resolve simply to keep moving forward towards the things I hope to accomplish... because if we don't want for things, we'll never put ourselves on the path to having them (amIright!?). I remain hopeful that this will be my annus mirabilis, that this time next year I'll finally be a spanish-speaking, fit and trim, school building, professional rock star... at the very least I must resolve to try.

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