Friday, January 10, 2014

Workin for the weekend.

Peek-a-Boo Friday! There you are!!
Yaaaaaaaay!!!! We made it through the first post-holidays 5-day week and now we only have to survive one more until the great Dr. Martin Luther King delivers another holiday-day off! Wooooo!!! This time of year, with winter in its "few, if any redeeming qualities" phase (once I've had some snow and a healthy dose of Christmas decor, winter has NOTHING to offer me) anything that makes the weeks pass quickly is welcome (so don't mind me if after MLK I've got laser focus on President's Day!) Here to welcome the weekend is a little bit this and that from what to wear, the movie you might want to see and a snack you just might need to fix up for yo'self! Have a good one :)

THIS winter grey with a pop of party manicure is on my lunch break "to do" list!

Hungry Girl (my favorite healthy recipe source) has THIS great recipe for "Healthy Mini Sausage and Kale Pizzettes". With basic ingredients and a waistline friendly 177 calories per bite, cook up these lil guys this weekend as a test run for your Super Bowl batch!! (ps- I really like fat free ricotta with just a little kosher salt for added flavor and swapping that for the low fat/light cheese the recipe calls for would make this snack even healthier!)

I love me some "Awards season" movies and though (as usual) I'm not fully prepared for the Golden Globes (give me until the Oscars to screen all the good ones!) my early favorite is American Hustle by FAR! If you're looking to catch a flick this weekend (and be "in with the in crowd" come Sunday's Golden Globes) I highly recommend American Hustle (way better than Wolf of Wall Street (which I also liked, but not as much!)).

How cozy casual chic is this winter weather look!? Cream cable sweaters are very much "in" this winter so you can find one anywhere (mine is from Forever 21 and is so soft that I default to it at least once per weekend lately!) Pair it with jeans and some classic winter colored plaid (and a floppy hat if you're feeling bold) and you have a winter weekend outfit that's equal parts stylish and comfy.

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