Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's snowing again...!

Let it snow!
...which means of course, that all I'm thinking about it eating (also, sweatpants). Cozy soups, piping hot mac and cheese, perhaps some chili or maybe something over quinoa or rice!? Here to keep you warm while the weather outside is frightful are some winter weather recipes sure to delight. Stay safe everybody!

Love me some one-pot goodness! This "Spinach Artichoke Wonderpot" from Budget Bytes is looking like an awesome dinner option for tonight. And maybe add some sauteed chicken or shrimp for a little extra protein? Pin it HERE, full recipe HERE.

Oh man... any recipe with the word "lazy" in it is going to earn a try from me! These simple Egg Pita Pizzas look delicious as suggested and you could really choose your own adventure with additional toppings and seasoning if you're feeling bold. Pita as pizza, so easy and brilliant!! Pin it HERE, full recipe from Everybody Likes Sandwiches HERE.

The perfect way to use my new Le Creuset Mini Cocottes (thanks Dr. H!) I cannot wait to try out this gooey spinach mac at home (and it's obviously healthy, because hey!! Spinach!!) Pin it HERE, full recipe from Donna Hay HERE.

And if sweet treats are more your winter weather style, don't forget about ms. (parent)thetically speaking's ultimate Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies! Click HERE to get the recipe!!

ps- took that panoramic beauty about 48 hours ago... however NYC's white snow is really an excellent way to show off my sun tan (#silverlining).

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