Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Love is in the air...

With February just around the corner (thank GOODNESS, I don't know how much longer I can survive these winter temps, we need to get a move on here!) I couldn't resist the urge to start sharing some inspiration of the lovey, dovey, Valentines variety. As I've mentioned before, (HERE, HERE, or HERE!) I love love and I believe that Valentine's Day is 100% NOT only for romantic love, but love of friends, family and your partner. So in celebration of loving love, over the next few weeks I will be sharing all sorts of Valentine's inspiration, from the adorable way your kid can have the best cards at school, to the easiest ways to incorporate hearts into everything about February 14th. Happy loving:)

So easy and charming, these pomegranate ice cubes require only 3 supplies (seeds, chocolate or ice molds and water) and 1 step! Sippin on something "lovely" has never been so simple. Pin it HERE, full directions HERE.

Want your kid to be the coolest in his/her class!? Well then these "wild about you" Valentines should do the trick! Admittedly a bit pricier than something you'd buy at CVS, a trip to the dollar store or Target should produce inexpensive toy animals and then all you need to do is attach them to a paper square with your "wild" message and a signature (or even easier, slip the card and animal into small clear cellophane bags like THESE and tie them shut with a red ribbon!) Pin it HERE, more inspiration HERE and HERE.

Adorable to look at, easy to make and tasty to eat - my perfect sweet treat combination! I think the only difficult thing about preparing these chocolate dipped pretzels will be selecting which seasonal sprinkle you want to use (hearts? red and pink traditional sprinkles!?) Pin it HERE, step by step HERE.


  1. So many cute ideas and beautiful pictures! <3

  2. Thanks @CraftyLumberjacks! I'm all about easy and lovey so be sure to check back for more Valentines ideas in the weeks ahead!! Cheers (and thanks for reading!!) xox, m