Monday, January 13, 2014

Grown up stuff.

Ho Hum.
So now that I've spent the better part of my allotted blog-writing time perusing Golden Globes fashion photos (and deciding that I will save my own celebrity fashion post for the Oscars) I'm going to get straight to today's point... Being a grown up is hard.

You see lately, it feels like life has been throwing a fair amount of "grown up stuff" in my direction. Grown up stuff like health scares and marital struggles, professional uncertainties and the loss of older generations... the sorts of things that (if you're lucky) you remain blissfully distant from until suddenly, they seem to be everywhere, happening to you and your friends and family. And so of course you call your Mom and you ask "what's going on Mom? Why do these difficult and challenging things keep happening to me and people I love?" and Mom, in her infinite wisdom says "It sucks doesn't it? Being a grown up sucks sometimes." And there are two parts of Mom's wisdom that ring perfect and true. (1) Yes, apparently being a grown up really can suck. When age, obligations, accidents and emotions no longer exist outside your "kid bubble", adult life is challenging, draining, scary and often unfair... BUT (2) only sometimes. Because when being an adult isn't weighing you down, it's empowering you to explore and cherish what you love, however you damn well please! You want to stay up until 2am with your girlfriends and then eat frosting for breakfast? Do it. (done!) Or how about celebrating your "baby" cousin turning 21? Surreal and totally awesome. So while I've recently seen first hand how being a grown up can be very heavy at times, it can also be incredibly empowering. If you manage to fight through and carry the load when adulthood sucks, you get to spend the rest of your time pursuing whatever it is that makes you happy.

And that my friends, is some grown up stuff.


  1. Brilliantly said, darling! I totally agree and I love your mom's wisdom. Hope everything is well and have a great day. xoxo

  2. So glad you enjoyed the post and can share in mama's wisdom @Diana! (ps- Yay Rome!!!!)